Auberge du CVC de Saint-Jean-de-Matha

A comfortable and well located hostel!

Rooms for rent

Check out our spacious and luxurious rooms!

Rooms for rent

Our hostel has 20 regular rooms with 2 queen size beds, 2 superior quality rooms, 8
suites with fireplace and whirlpool bath as well as a studio. Continental breakfast is always included
in the price of the room.

Chambre régulière

Regular room


Chambre supérieur

Superior quality room


Chambre avec foyer

Suite with fireplace


Studion hébergement



Condo for rent

See our different condos!

Condo for rent

The Auberge du CVC has 5 luxury condos located in the mountains with views of the grounds in the summer and the snow slides in the winter season with 2 bedrooms for 4-6 people and 4 condominiums that contain four bedrooms and two others contain two bedrooms that can accommodate 4-10 people.

These fully equipped condos can be used by families or couples who wish to take advantage of the area for relaxation or as part of a golf or slide package. The Festival of Colors is also a good time to use the condos.

Condo régulier

Regular condo


Image hébergement condo

Deluxe Condo